1.What is corned beef?

Corned means salted so corned beef is simply salted beef. The name is thought to originate from the large grains of salt that were originally used to preserve the meat. Corned beef consists simply of beef, water, refined salt, refined sugar and a preservative - sodium nitrite.

2.What sort of beef is used to make corned beef?

Only good quality beef trimmings go into Target, Exeter and Carnival corned beef. No offal, head meat or any other parts are used.

3.What are the best storage conditions for corned beef?

Until the can is opened it can be stored in any dry place. The product requires no special storage conditions and will be good for the full shelf life in ambient conditions. The product will slice more easily if it is put into a fridge for an hour before opening. Shelf Life – up to 5 years.
Once the can has been opened the product should be treated in the same way as any piece of fresh meat.

4.What can I use my can of corned beef for?

Corned beef is a fully cooked, ready to eat product. It can be eaten cold straight from the can in a salad or a sandwich or used as an ingredient in another dish. You get more value for money when you use corned beef. One kilo of corned beef is the equivalent of 1.3kgs fresh beef in protein.

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