Targeter (UK) Ltd and its sister company Targeter International sal (Offshore) have been the owners of the Exeter, Target, and Carnival brands since 1997. Well-known and long established as leading corned beef brands in Europe and the Middle East, the range has been extended to include a wide range of canned meat and fish products. We have also expanded our markets to include North America, the Caribbean, Africa and South-East Asia.  

In addition Targeter supplies product under customers´┐Ż Private Labels, and is able to design and prepare the labels for companies wishing to introduce canned meat under their own brand.

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Telephone: 961-1-746 824/5
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Targeter International sal (Offshore)
Ras Beirut Clinics Building 6th Floor
Maamari Sourati Street
P.O.Box: 113-5084 Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

Targeter (UK) as follows: TARGETER (UK) LTD. 3RD Floor, 24 Chiswell Street, London EC1 4Y X, England.


: (961)1 746 824-5
: (961)1 746 823

P.O.Box 113-5084
Beirut, Lebanon.
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